aproaches to learning and how help me final cut x like communication.

aproaches to learning is that one you need of what didi you understand in class and is so important because if we don’t don’t somethings in the class we need to do questions to the teachers.

the final cut is good to do videos but if you don’t use like we need is don’t useful the  final cut is so very good if you want to communicate something to others persons because you not communicate with words you communicate with videos.

the persons in this days don’t want to read but we need to read doesn’t care the people like more to see and read no to much or a person is telling all to the persons all the people prefer that the world is so rare but we need to live like the people wan to live.

the world be different if all the people read.

tank you for read.

reflection f community and service

the community and service is important because we need to help to the others persons but some people doesn’t want t help to the others persons the people is not sure to help because they think that the other persons do something and in the part of the two persons need to help us to accept to help to the others persons.

in the community we have to  much problems with h persons because they are angry with the life and they can’t live like they want to live so ig¡f all the persons start to help to the others persons the world we be a better world.

in some countries always help to the persons and the persons that help to tj¡he persons have very good  days and the countries is properly to live in harmony.

area of interaction


The sum total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage. See also environmental factors.

Environment can have a lot of meanings like a natural definitions : the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a given organism at any time , but also the circumstances or conditions that surround one, he social and cultural forces that shape the life of a person or a population or the hardware or software configuration of a computer system.

Enviroment Reflection

The enviroment area I think that is the most important area because if we dont have the differents enviroments we cant live and to many animals died and the live of the people being different in to many  differents areas, and to much especies going to died thats why we need the earth the companies that protect the enviroment its now the time to strat to stop all the contamination and all the companies that kill the animals.



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¨my vacations of easter¨

i go with a group of the school to canada and i go with all my friends and was so funny and we go with the teachers we do to much things. the first day we go to a zoo a viewer and to a mall we bouth no to much things but we pass a good day. the second day we go to quebec and we go to a museoum of the history of canada but specially of quebec and we see ore museums no to much interested the third day we stay in the auberge du mont and we do to many activities like go to the mountain and that day was to funny. the fourth day we go to much museums and that day was the best because we was laphing to much. the fifth day we dont do to many things but  that day was the final in quebec we go to a place that names sugarshack there is only candies and is funny, in the day six we go to montreal at 6:30 and we arrive to montreal at the 10:20 and we go of shooping and one museum of the school of the cirque du soleil, the seven day we go to a museum of nasa 3 hours and we practice some proves that do it the austronauts, and the eigth day was the final in montreal and in canada we go to a museum of films and then to hotel and prepare the baggage and in the morning of the nine day we need to go to airport and we take the plane of 9:30 to mexico and we arrive to mexico at 2:30 and at 3:30 we take the plane to monterrey.






Abraham Guajardo moreira






Battle: Los Angeles


The military prepare to go to beach to patrol and in the news a commentator say a thing in the air go to the beach water.


Then the military go to fight with the aliens and the aliens attack to the city and others cities in the world.


The mission of that group are to go to destroy the base all start the mission but in a part of the mission the aliens start to attack the group and a guy lose in the fight and he are scare and then found the guy.


In a part of the mission a girl appear in a car and she say my group die and survive 2 days alone and I see the think that we need to destroy and we need airplanes if we want to destroy.


In a part found boy and all the family and we ask a for an helicopter to come to the family only we can get up the mother and her sisters but the dad and the boy can not get up  and we continue the mission with the boy and the father .


The group need to go down and the aliens see that and start to attack and an alien come and the father see and take the gun and start to shot but the alien shot and kill the father and the alien die and the  son are very sad the military  take the boy  with the group.


The group start to advance with the mission the aliens only want water because in her planet is no more water and all the attack is for that the people go to anothers cities of the world.


The group destroy the base and all the aliens in the world die and all the countries are grateful with united states.

But in some years the aliens start again and only attack the united states and all the cpountries start to help the countrie and can not do more and all the world are conquisted by the aliens and the people die and the aliens only want water for her planet but kill all thye people and the race human disappear of the world.